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Most people have heard of the mighty Amazon and will have seen many programs and magazine articles about the region over the years. Many of these enthuse about the incredible variety of animals and plants plus unforgettable encounters with people of fascinating Indian cultures that live in and around the river. The impression often given was of a far distant land that is difficult to get to and risky to travel around.

Improvements in the air travel systems and security of the region over recent years have now made the large parts of the Amazon basin accessible for tourism. Many thousands of ordinary tourists visit each year, along with many more people seeking a more adventurous holiday, honeymoon couples seeking the remoteness peace and tranquility of a jungle lodge or people looking for a vacation that is a bit out of the ordinary. The Amazon has so much to offer, all can come away with enchanting memories that last a lifetime.

The fact that there are now plenty of regular flights into the region from all over the world, plenty of good hotels and lodges, plus many different ways of getting safely from place to place, has helped open up this fantastic region to everyone.

Naturally many people would like to visit but are still unsure about finding the best places to stay and the most interesting places to visit. We also find that people like to know what they are looking at when such unusual animals and plants are on view every day. Local knowledge is invaluable in this respect.

This is why we only provide fully escorted tours with at least one guide per group of six (normally 3-1 but never more than 6-1). The guides all have an interest in the area, either being local people or real enthusiasts with a knowledge built up over time. The guides will see to all your needs during the daily trips and will meet and greet you at the airports when you arrive and see you to your plane on your departure.

Although you will be very well looked after you still need to take the normal practical precautions regarding your health, such as vaccinations and carrying with you any unusual medications etc. There is a wealth of advice on how best to prepare before you come and local customs and rules once you are in the region. Including very current advice on how best to keep the area as you find it and have an absolutely minimal environmental impact.

There has never been a better time to travel to this region. New species of plants and animals are being discovered all the time. There are still many unusual animals and plants to be found within walking distance from the hotels and lodges, or with short trips up and down the river.

We pride ourselves on getting people closer to the action. You can swim in natural lagoons with the dolphins and go fishing with the locals. Visit a Shaman and eat locally prepared traditional dishes. If there is something you especially want to see we will arrange it for you.

So if you ever wanted to experience the magical Amazon River and its enchanting tropical rain forest?

If you would like to meet its welcoming people and discover for yourself the incredible variety of flora and fauna that abound in the rain forest environment?

Yes? Then we have a range of escorted Amazon rain forest holidays designed to let you do just that. We operate solely in the Amazon region and we spend most of our time here, so we have an in depth knowledge of the area.

Our experienced local guides will take you on a tour to discover the wonders of the tropical rain forest. You will closely observe a huge variety tropical animals and plants, including some that are little known or rarely seen, all in their natural rain forest habitat.

See how the local indigenous population lives in harmony with their beautiful rain forest environment

Amazon Holidays has carefully put together a number of different escorted tropical rain forest tours. Each one has something for everyone. There is a lot to see and do in each of our tours and we go to great lengths to try and ensure that the packages we offer are brim full of unforgettable experiences whilst still offering great value.

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These are some of the attractions you can see in just a couple of days......

Toucans Pink River Dolphins Red Monkey River People Butterflies
Toucans Pink Dolphins Monkeys Native Families Butterflies

On one of our Escorted Amazon Holidays!

Join us on an escorted Amazon tour and you will see:-

  • Breathtakingly beautiful Amazon sunsets.
  • Fabulously colourful tropical butterflies.
  • Cheeky rain forest monkeys (not just the tour guides!).
  • Iguanas and other reptiles.
  • A myriad of varieties of tropical fish (including Piranhas and Stingrays) .
  • Pink River Dolphins in their natural environment.
    You may even glimpse some 'undescribed species'

    So why don't you book an Escorted Amazon Holiday now.

Escorted tours are tailored to the ability and fitness level of each individual, basically if you can walk for 1 hour (at your own pace!) And can climb the stairs in a normal house, you can do all the tours we offer.

If you don't have this level of fitness don't worry we can offer an Escorted Amazon Holiday tailored to your fitness level and ability.

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