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Responsible Tourism

At Amazon Holidays we are committed to the principles of responsible tourism.

We strive to ensure that our visits have only positive impact on both the enviroment and cultures that we encounter.

We sincerely believe that responsinble forest activities such as ornamental fish capture and eco-tourism, are actively contributing to saving the rainforests by making the rivers and forests profitable for the local communities,

We give common sense guidelines on:-

  • Litter
  • Waste disposal
  • Illegal souvenirs
  • Other activities that damage the enviroment

We also take active steps to ensure we follow this most important principle of conservation. I.e. a living, working forest encourages people to remain or return to life in the forests, this is the most positive factor in long term sustainable conservation of all the species.

We always use local Amazon forest guides, river guides and pilots.

We encourage all travellers to learn a little of the social and cultural workings of the Amazon region.

We regularly liase with the leaders of the local communities, to ensure that we are doing everything to maximise the benefit to the communities and therefore that they remain happy to welcome our visitors.

We have a special relationship with the comunity of Tacana near Leticia to whom we lend regular support.

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