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Essential Information For Our
Amazon Holidays Guests

If you are thinking of travelling with Amazon Holidays please note the following useful information.


Needs to be

  • Unrestricted, worldwide and covering all risks.
  • Must not exclude jungle excursions or boat trips.

If your holiday includes specialist activities such as kayaking or hill / mountain walking, your insurance will need to cover these too. That being said, it is important that you contact your provider before going on a holiday trip to make sure that you'll have a fun and safe one. This simple act can go a long way.

Most major building societies and insurers such as Amex, Nationwide, Bradford and Bingley, Flagship and Floyds offer policies that are suitable.


In the Amazon Region

Consult your doctor for prescriptions and dosages. No immunizations are required by law to enter most Latin American countries. However, vaccinations and boosters for the following are advised:

  • Yellow Fever
  • Hepatitis A (a new vaccine called Havrix is now available)
  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria

Take advice from your doctor or MASTA about malaria prophylaxis and Immunisation requirements. If you need the Yellow Fever Jab please get it in good time as it is sometimes in short supply in the UK

Take insect repellent , Autan and Jungle work best in our experience.

Hospitals and major health care facilities including emergencies are available in PERU (Iquitos, Pulcalpa, Tarapoto), COLOMBIA (Leticia), BRAZIL (Manaus, Tabatinga, Santarem and Belem).

All health care is private, relatively inexpensive and they accept all major credit cards in most hospitals.

For serious health care issues patients are flown to the specialists in the capital cities in Colombia and Peru. Three flights a day from Iquitos to Lima and 1 - 3 flights daily from Leticia. The flight is approximately 90 minutes from both Locations.


Most of the food is cooked fresh to order as the use of frozen food is not common. Usual rules of tropical places apply i.e. Be careful with salad and wash fruits. Generally the standard of food in the restaurants in the towns is good with few problems.

You can enjoy the flavours of the food of the region. Dishes use very few spices utilising the myriad of forest fruits and vegetables, such as Juka, Plantain, Avocado, Limes, Pepino, Pineapple, Mango, Papaya, Star fruit, Copoacu, Lulo and Camu together with a hot pepper sauce AHI.

Beef, Pork and Chicken are on every restaurant menu. As well as a large selection of local fish. Arapaima, Catfish, Pacu, Piranhas and Palometres.

Local speciality dishes include

  • Cebiche - which is a delicious marinade of boneless paische (fish) pieces in lime juice usually eaten with juka, sweet potato and Salad.
  • Gamitana Rellena - another fish dish cooked with rice wrapped in a banana leaf.
  • Sancocho - Regional soup.



Peru - Cristal, Pilsen (The best), Cusquena.

Colombia - Poker, Aguila, Club Colombia, Costena.

Brazil - Antarctica, Kaiser, Skol.


Aguardiente - (Sugar Cane Schnapps)

Caipirosca (Vodka with lime and sugar over crushed ice)

Caipirina (Aguardiente with Lime and Sugar over crushed ice) delicious and very potent.


Our guests are usually pleasantly surprised to find such comfortable hotels in such a remote corner of the world.

A large selection of hotels is available in Iquitios ,from Hostels and Residencias to 5 * Hotels. Leticia and Altamira also have a good selection of mostly smaller hotels with modern facilities including pools, although no 5* hotels. We use 3, 4 and 5* hotels selected for Service, Security, Reliability and importantly a friendly relaxed ambience.

All have pools and usual room service to a good standard.

The hotel is very important to the enjoyment of your stay in the Amazon. You will relish the thought of an Ice cold drink and a comfortable place to shower and relax after a good day in the rain forest or on the river and our hotels are selected to ensure you can do just that.

Even at our lodges deep in the rainforest you will still find a comfortable room with shower (although without a/c).


As a free service to our clients we will automatically search our databases and provide contact details for travel agents and other flight providers who are offering good deals from most European countries.

If you are flying from Europe the following airlines have direct or short stop flights arriving in late afternoon.

Europe - Lima    KLM, Iberia, COPA (Via Panama)

Europe - Bogota   Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia , Continental (Via US)

Europe - Fortaleza   TAP, TAM

Europe - Recife   TAP , TAM

If the flight is via the USA a machine readable passport is essential.

Flights to South America on US based airlines often arrive early morning (about 4 am). If you require we can re-arrange your onward flight for the late afternoon to enable time to rest after the longhaul flight.

Local taxes for internal and International flights in South America are not included. National flights are typically $5 -10 International $20-$35.

You must have 6 months or more to run on your passport when the tour finishes.

UK passport holders do not need visas for Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.

Note flights to Peru during the summer months are often very difficult to get at the last minute so early booking is essential for travel in these months.


TAKE US$ Not sterling. You will find it impossible to change sterling.

Cash Machines that accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Cirrus and Delta are to be found in Iquitos, Leticia, Tabatinga, Manaus, Altamira, Santarem and Belem. The exchange rate on a daily basis is usually better from cash machines than any of the exchange offices at airports or in the UK.


There will be countless opportunities to take photographs, you are free to take photographs at any location, the smiles of the children in particular are an endearing and lasting memory for many people it is of course always a courtesy to ask before taking photos of individuals, it makes the smiles wider!!

You may want to remember to take a re-sealable waterproof plastic bag for your camera whilst travelling around the river and rainforest.


Our recommendations for the rain forest

Take loose fitting clothes of cotton . Long sleeve cotton shirts or blouses are a must for the rainforest preferably in bright colours. Boots or wellingtons are essential. A sun hat or baseball cap with a good size peak is recommended. A small rucksack or bum bag to carry your repellent, sun block, camera etc. is recommended.


Check the weather at Through July august September and early October is drier and hot with the river levels dropping revealing white sand beaches and making moving through the forest roads much easier.

The weather in late November December and January is very wet as the river levels rise and the forest becomes flooded. The river usually reaches its highest levels in February and March and these are the best times to view the flooded forest.

This is a great time to visit the Amazon as the flights are cheaper at this time.

At all times except December there are periods of sun followed by rains very rarely is the sky overcast for any length of time.

The temperature varies from 20 - 25 C in January to 28 - 32 C + in July-August.

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