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Fishing & Angling In The Amazon

Details of fishing and angling opportunities with Amazon Holidays.

Amazon Fishing

For those with a keen interest in the fish of the region. Over a thousand local varieties are kept as aquarium fish. We usually take local fishermen with us for at least one of the days. We then make stops at suitable beaches and other fishing sites to allow them to show us both their methods and their catches.

Persons with a keen interest will be able to participate in the collection. Shipping any aquarium type fish caught back to the UK is usually possible (At cost).

Amazon Angling

Join us for a fantastic experience fishing the grand waters of the Amazon

The Amazon region is an anglers paradise, so many varieties, fish of all types and sizes from small Piranhas that are the favourite of the tourists through cichlids such as Araucu (Oscars), doradid catfish and sucker mouth catfish, to the giants such as the freshwater stingrays , redtail cat, Arowana, Dorado , Pacu , anglers favourites Peacock Bass and the biggest of them all Arapaima Gigas.

Larger peacock bass are found the further distance from the towns, high up the Nanay river and the Xingu Tapajos and irirri rivers are particularly good. In order to reach these locations does require up to 1 day travelling in a fast boat, although a float plane can be chartered in Iquitos for the Nanay. Jungle lodges in these remote areas are clean but basic. Rarely with electricity.

Every day can be a new challenge with so many locations to choose from in waters that are often unfished by serious anglers. Boats with two or three rods available daily or weekly rates. Pacaya Samiria south of Iquitos is especially good and the lodges on the main Amazon have always provided good fishing and regularly yield very large fish.

Angling on the Xingu is very exciting with large specimens of various catfish and particularly large Black Piranha and Banded Piranha being caught around dusk.

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