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Amazon Rain Forest Tours
Zacambu, Atalaya & The Matis

Amazon Rain Forest tour Itinerary

Amazon Rain Forest Tours of Zacambu, Atalaya & The Matis.

Travelling downstream from Tabatinga / Leticia we soon enter the famous and mysterious Yavari river. After a short stop at Benjamin Constant we continue on heading up the glorious Yavari valley to the small settlement of Zacambu at the entrance to the Zacambu Reserve. We hang our hammocks and make home in the simple lodge from where we will explore the reserve.

After a day of exploring the rivers and creeks and getting to know the wildlife, we will be introduced to the Matis who over the subsequent three days give us an insight into their fascinating tribal culture and way of life sharing some of their intimate knowledge of the rainforest.
After saying farewell to Zacambu and the Matis we move further up the valley to the small border town that is regarded as the frontier between the untamed wild countries of the upper Yavari valley and the more civilised lands downstream, ATALAYA. The following day returning to Leticia.

Day 1 Arrival in South America

Arrive in Bogotà at approx. 4-6pm

Transfer and Check in to the hotel.

Group * Dinner *

Day 2 Travel To Leticia

Breakfast in the Hotel

Transfer to the Airport

10-11am Flight to Leticia.

Arrive in Leticia 12-1pm

Transfer to Hotel for lunch and check in.

Informal orientation meeting to welcome visitors to Leticia and discuss forthcoming activities and tours.

Watch the sunset from ?La Fera? where bars and restaurants look out over the river and the rain forest beyond..

Group * Dinner * at local restaurant.

Flight to Leticia.
Fleet of MD80s used on Bogota - Leticia flight

Day 3 Benjamin and the Yavari

Breakfast at your hotel.
Leave for Tabatinga 9.00 am.

Depart from Tabatinga 9.30 for Benjamin Constant.
Lunch in Benjamin Constant

Depart Benjamin for Zacambu. Occasional stops enroute for Dolphin watching, photo opportunities and other points of interest.
Arrival at lodge at Zacambu, organise sleeping quarters (put up Hamocks )

Dinner at the lodge.
Nocturnal Caiman hunt by boat
Lodge at Zacambu
Lodge at Zacambu

Day 4 Zacambu Reserve.

Breakfast Zacambu lodge.
Wildlife Safari by boat discovering the secrets of Zacambu park by boat with our eagle eyed indigenous guides.

Lunch on board boat

Chance to swim in the warm water lagoons of Zacambu.

Return to the Yavari river for fishing and a beach bar-b-q dinner.
Watch the sunset over the Yavari river.
Swimming at Zacambu
Swimming in the warm waters of a lake at Zacambu

Day 5 Matis

Breakfast in the lodge

Intro to the Matis people followed by a jungle hunt demonstrating the use of poison darts


Matis will show how they make jewellery, crafts and useful artefacts from plants and materials from the forest and river

Return to Zacambu

Dinner at Zacambu.

Day 6 Matis Marwin

Breakfast at Zacambu

Marwin ceremony with the Matis where they use the venom of poison frogs to induce visions and contact the spirit world.

Lunch .

Fishing with Matis hunters.

After dark a walk in the forest to hear the incredible sounds of the jungle at night with Matis guide.
Dinner at Zacambu lodge.


Day 7 Shaman and Ayahuasca

Breakfast at Zacambu lodge.
Matis Shaman will give you an insight into the medicinal plants of the jungle and how he uses them. Showing examples of the plants and where they grow

Canoeing jungle styllee! Explore the river by dugout canoe with our Matis guiding the way.

Dinner in the Lodge
Ayahuasca ceremony and farewell to the Matis.

Canoeing in the flooded forest
Canoeing at Zacambu

Day 8 ATALAYA the final frontier!

Breakfast in Zacambu

Embark on ‘El Motoro’ upstream on the Yavari. Stopping at beaches or for some of the many photo opportunities + wildlife encounters

Arrive in Atalaya do Norte

Lunch in Atalaya and check into our hotel.
Atalaya is a small frontier town, the last outpost of so called “civilisation” on the Yavari before entering the one of the last wild and untamed regions in the world. The upper Yavari valley (beyond Atalaya) is not open for tourism but from Atalaya, we are fortunate to get glimpse the merging of the modern world with ancient cultures, in real time, as it happens.

* Dinner * in Sao Paolo.
Beach on the Yavari River
Yavari Beach

Day 9 Islandia

See the morning fish market in Atalaya.

Breakfast in Atalaya.
Embark for the journey downstream to the Peruvian town of Islandia.
Short tour of Islandia.

Islandia is built on the shores of the yavari in a zone of innundation by the river and so the whole village is built on stilts high above the water. Raise wooden walkways used by pedestrians and motorcycles gives the place a unique atmosphere.

* Lunch & dinner * in Islandia.
Embark for Leticia.

Transfer to Hotel in Leticia.
Farewell dinner in Tabatinga.
Riverside at Islandia
Islandia Riverside

Day 10 Farewell Leticia

Breakfast at the hotel in Leticia.
Morning free for last minute shopping in Leticia.

Early * Lunch * in Leticia.
Transfer to the Airport.

Flight to Bogota
Connect to your international flight

Meals marked with * * are not included in the price.

Some other activities you might like to try during our Amazon rain forest tour.

  • Hire a motorbike for an hour or so. (Bring your driving licence)
  • Try your hand at Salsa, Vallenato, Merengue, Champeta at one of the numerous bars restaurants and clubs.
  • Serious angling for Arapaima up to 3 meters long, catfish or Pacu.
  • Visit a Shaman.
  • Visit a herbalist to see the vast array of medicinal forest products.
  • Visit the museum in Leticia.

Cost £1350* including Hotel board and breakfast.

*NB. Based on double occupancy.

Single supplement £25 per night.

If you would like to join us on one of our Amazon rain forest tours of Zacambu, Atalaya and the Matis, call us on + 57 311 535 8508 or Email Us  for further information

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