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Iquitos & The Three Rivers

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Amazon Tours of Iquitos and the Three Rivers

One of our first Amazon tours and still our most popular, encompasses the vitality of Iquitos. This Amazon tour is based around a fully equipped hotel at the heart of the town which has quick and easy access to some of the best river and rainforest wilderness sites in the high Amazon.

The stunning Nanay river, winding its way through endless Amazon rain forest with beautiful white sandy beaches and clean tea coloured waters that are home to numerous fish and other animals.

The Momon River meets the Nanay only 10 minutes by boat from Iquitos/ Bella Vista. Thus the rainforest experience is only a short journey from the hotel. The size and power of the main Amazon river is an awesome sight and there is no better place to apreciate it's power, beauty and strange tranquility than Heliconia Lodge, which is situated right on the banks.

At Heliconia lodge you have two days to enjoy the many activities including walks into the deep rain forest, visiting (and if you choose) swimming at locations with pink and grey river dolphins, fishing and truly fascinating night safaris. Visitors return to Iquitos filled with memories of the sounds of the forest at night, the stunning sunsets and the unforgetable brilliance and tranquility of the sunrises.

This one of our Amazon tours includes plenty of opportunity for relaxation, sightseeing and every night there is someting going on in Iquitos centre. You can make the most of the opportunity to try a taste of the Latin culture. Try the Pisco sour ! Dance the Cumbias! or just chat over a cerveza or two.

Day 1 Outbound for Peru

Flight from the UK to Bonaire and onwards to Lima

Bonaire is one of the Dutch Antilles Islands group in the Carribean. Other nearby islands of the same group are Curacao and Aruba ( which is very good for Scuba diving).

Aruba is a very popular holiday destination. Stop overs of up to 10 days are allowed by the airline at no extra charge. You can take advantage of this on either the outward or return journey.

If you require we can arrange accommodation and transfers at very attractive rates or if you wish you can arrange your own accommodation.

Check into a hotel in Lima

Take time to collect your thoughts and enjoy a quiet drink by the pool.

Hotel Accommodation
Iquitos hotel

Day 2 Journey to Iquitos


Transfer to Airport

Flight from Lima to Iquitos.

Check into a hotel in Iquitos

* Lunch * in Iquitos.

Take time out to spend the afternoon getting to know Iquitos.

A first chance to gain experience of travel by Motokar. Then perhaps take a stroll up to the Central Square where you will find the famous Casa de Fiero (Iron House) bought to Iquitos from Paris.

Take a long cool drink at Fitzcaraldos Bar looking out over the river and walk along the Boulevard, which has tremendous views of the river and the rain forest beyond.
* Dinner * at a restaurant serving typical local fare.

Iquitos Central Square
Iquitos Central Square

Day 3 Momon River

Breakfast in the hotel

We take a boat from Bella Vista, where the rich brown tea water of the Nanay River meets the main Amazon, bound for the Momon River where we will visit a Bora Indian community.

Then accompanied by local Bora guides we go by motor canoe up the Momon river to see the wildlife of the river, stopping frequently at places of interest along the river.

Lunch on board boat.

In the afternoon we visit the famous butterfly farm at Pilpintuwasi on the banks of the Nanay River.
Tarapato Indigenous Village
Tarapato Indigenous Village People

Day 4 Belen and Quistococha

AM - See the sights and sounds of Belen do Iquitos the famous river port .

Visit a riverside fisherman and fish dealers.
Visit the lagoon at Quistococha

* Lunch * at Quistococha.

Spend the afternoon Walking, canoeing round the forest boundary of the lagoon, fishing or relaxing on the sandy beach.

* Dinner * in Iquitos.
Amazon Fishermen
Local Fishermen

Day 5 Nanay River

Early Breakfast

Journey up the Nanay river on a traditional long river boat. Visit the Cochas and Lagoas along the Nanay river. One of the most beautiful rivers in South America.

View at close quarters the Selva and meet with the people who work the river and forest along the banks. See them catching fish

Lunch on board boat

Frequent Stops at beaches and other places of interest..

Stop for:- Keep your eyes peeled to see:-
  • Fish eagles.
  • Marmoset and other small monkeys
  • Turtles.
  • Water birds including
  • Egrets
  • Giant Kingfishers
  • Herons
  • Toucans
  • Flocks of parrots and parrakeets
A Floating Bar On The Nanay River
Nanay River Floating Bar

Day 6 Heliconia & The Amazon


Tour upriver to Heliconia lodge on the main Amazon River.

Lunch at Heliconia

Light walk through the forest around the lodge in the company of local guides. Chance to see huge forest giants and experience sounds and sights of the deep jungle.

Dinner at Heliconia

Watch the Sunset over the river and rainforest from the treetop observation platform.

Overnight at Heliconia.
Heliconia Forest Walk
Heliconia Forest Walk

Day 7 Dolphin Lagoon

6AM Daybreak safari by boat, drifting down the Amazon, spotting the animals on the river banks and trees from close quarters and with the help of our eagle eyed local guides.

Breakfast at the Lodge

Visit to a lagoon on the main Amazon that is the favourite haunt of river dolphins. You can swim if you wish or if not there are always simple cane fishing rods in the boat so why not try a spot of angling 'local style'

More serious anglers are also welcome to fish in this location.

Late lunch at heliconia

Return to Iquitos

* Dinner * in Iquitos.
Pink Dolphin

Day 8 Longhouse Barbeque

Visit to an Arapaima (Local name 'Piriracu') farm to see the largest freshwater teloest (Bony fish) in the world.

Followed by a barbeque party with delicious local foods in a traditional Indian Style Long House on the edge of the rain forest.

Day 9 A Day In Iquitos


Final day in Iquitos reserved for sightseeing, souvenir shopping etc.

* Lunch *. Try CEBICHE a delicious local dish and speciality of Iquitos. Group lunch to a simple cebicheria.

* Dinner *.
Historic Iquitos Boulevard

Day 10 Return To Lima


Transfer to the airport

Mid day flight to Lima.

Afternoon for sightseeing in Lima.

Overnight stay in Lima.
Sightseeing in Lima

Day 11 Sightseeing in Lima

Breakfast Sightseeing/Shopping/ Bargain hunting in Lima

* Lunch *

Transfer to airport.

Late afternoon / early evening. Return Flight Lima - Bon aire - UK.
Parque De Lamour Lima
Parque De Lamour Lima

Cost £1000# Hotel board and breakfast.#NB. Based on double occupancy.

Single supplement £25 per night.

Stopover accommodation and meals in Bonaire are not included.

Bonaire Stopover - Please ask for details.

If you would like to join us on one of our Amazon Tours of Iquitos los tres Rios run fortnightly February through to November, call us on
+ 57 311 535 8508 or Email Us  for further information.

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