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Amazon River Tour
Xingu & Irriri

Amazon River Tour Itinerary

Amazon river tour of the Xingu & Irriri rivers

On the Amazon river tour of Xingu & the Irriri we take adventures up a gear. For those adventurers who can do without the comfort of an air conditioned hotel for a couple of nights. Plus those who are prepared for an exhilarating ride by fast canoe through the meandering shallows and rapids on our Amazon river tour, the rewards are tremendous.

Starting in Recife / Olinda we take the pace slowly to acclimatise.

For those with historical interests there are several important sites including Igarassu which was where the first settlers came to South America from Europe. Historic architecture, both Dutch and Portuguese influenced, can be found particularly around our Hotel in Old Olinda. Recife is renowned for Boa Viagem beach which is of golden sand and more than 5 miles long right at the heart of the City.

Following our day of acclimatisaton in Recife, we travel through Belem to Altamira from where we will travel the Xingu River.

Our first Amazon river tour runs North to Isla do Faz, where we take dinner and lodgements with a local family in simple surroundings. Then upstream to watch fishermen and stop at various riverside locations of interest.

Following a day for R + R in Altamira we then journey up stream to the Irriri River where we pass through the territory of the Arara indigenous people, whose name is reflected in the abundance of scarlet macaws in the area. (ARRARA = Macaw)

The rainforest biodiversity in the Xingu / Irriri - Tapajos region of Para is high, hosting 153 species of mammal. Bat diversity is particularly high, with over ninety species. Eight primates are found here including the bearded saki (Chiropotes Albinasus), red-handed tamarin (Saguinus Midas), and tiny titi monkey (Callicebus Moloch), the grey-necked night monkey (Aotus Infulatus) and spider monkey (Ateles marginatus).

Other large mammals include white-lipped peccaries (Tayassus pecari), collared peccaries (T. tajacu), pumas (Puma concolor), Jaguar (Panthera onca), tapir (Tapirus terrestris), brocket deer (Mazama spp.), opossums, such as the woolly opossum (Caluromys Philander), and Brazilian lesser long-nosed armadillos (Dasypus Septemcinctus). Avifauna is also particularly high with 527 species including many parrots, parakeets and macaws.

River wildlife includes the spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus), black caiman (Melanosuchus Niger), yellow-spotted sideneck turtle (Podocnemis Unifilis), Fish eagles and Giant river otter (Pteronura Brasiliensis ).

Our return to the UK is via Fortaleza on the famous and beautiful Ceara Sunshine coast, an opportunity to add on a beach holiday if you wish ( See our SUN SEA AND SELVA - extension package)

If you have the taste for adventure join us on the Amazon river tour of the Xingu & Irriri Rivers

Day 1 Flight to Brasil.

Flight. UK-Lisbon-Recife

Transfer from Recife airport - (approx. 40 mins)

Check in at hotel in the heart of the Historic Old Town of Olinda.

* Dinner * at a typical local restaurant.

A quick check in and then take time out to relax by the pool.
Check Into A Hotel In Olinda
Colinas Hotel

Day 2 Boa Viagem Recife

Breakfast in the hotel.

Day to relax and acclimatise.

Recife has great beaches, shops and the area has a rich cultural and architectural history with both Dutch and Portuguese influences.

* Dinner * in Recife.
Relax On Recife Beach
Relaxing On Recife Beach

Day 3 Belem

Breakfast in the hotel.

Transfer to the airport.

Catch the flight from Recife to Belem.

Check into a hotel in Belem.

* Dinner * on the waterfront in Belem.
Belem Street Market
A Belem Street Market

Day 4 Altamira

Breakfast in hotel.

Transfer to the Airport.

Take local flight to Altamira.

Transfer to our hotel in Altamira.

Afternoon shopping for essential items for our days on the River.

eg Hammocks, nets, fishing rods, sun hats, provisions etc.

* Dinner * barbeque style at local restaurant.
Altamira And The Xingu River
Altamira Riverside View

Day 5 Isla Do Faz - Xingu

Breakfast in the hotel.

AM:- Early start take fast canoe down stream to Isla do Faz.

The main base and stopping off point for fishermen and traders in the Zebra(L46) fishery.

Lunch on board or with local family.

Late afternoon boat safari and fishing trip.

Overnight stay at Isla do Faz (Hammocks).

Dinner with a local family.
Isla Do Faz
Isla Do Faz Xingu river

Day 6 Fantastic fish

Breakfast with a local family.

Continue your boat safari by fast canoe downstream to the main fishing grounds , visiting small settlements where families fish for aquarium fish.

Gold nugget plecostomus, Peppermint plecos, Goldy plecos and the like. Here we will also find Divers collecting zebras, hetereodon and other deep water fish.

Other wildlife include turtles, otters, caiman, macaws and other parrots.

Swimming opportunities.

Lunch in transit or with local family.

PM. Return to Altamira.

* Dinner * in Altamira
Canoeing Down The River
Xingu Canoe

Day 7 R+R in Altamira

Breakfast at Hotel

AM:- Full day in Altamira to experience the lively latino atmosphere of an Amazon river town. Visits to local sites can be arranged.

* Lunch *.

Afternoon for R+R in Altamira.
* Dinner *.
Take A Tour Around Altamira

Day 8 Upstream to the IRRIRI

Early Breakfast in Hotel

Full dayEarly start going by fast boat upstream to the Irriri River.

Lunch on board.

Arrive at the Irriri river.

River safari - Swimming and snorkelling opportunities.

Overnight camp.
Fishing the Sunset On The Irriri River
Sunset On The Irriri River
Sunset on the Irriri River

Day 9 Safari

Camping breakfast.

River safari.

Start return journey to Altamira.

River safari.

Lunch on board or barbeque

* Dinner * in Altamira.
Xingu River
Xingu River

Day 10 Breakfast in Altamira

Transfer to the airport.

Flights to Fortaleza.

* Dinner * in Fortaleza.

Transfer to the airport.

Flight to UK.
Altamira Hotel Pool
Altamira Hotel Pool

For SUN SEA AND SELVA option (Coming soon) the beach holiday starts right HERE!

Cost £1750* including Hotel board and breakfast.

*NB. Based on double occupancy.

Single supplement £25 per night.

Meals marked with * * are not included in the price.
Stop over accommodation and meals in Bonaire are not included.

Bonaire Stopover - Please ask for details.

If you would like to join us on the Amazon River Tour of the Xingu and the Irriri call us on:-

+ 57 311 535 8508 or Email Us  for further information.

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