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Leticia and Yavari River

Amazon Rain Forest tour Itinerary

Amazon Rain Forest Tours of Leticia and the Yavari River

Join us on one of our amazon rain forest tours in Leticia and the Yavari river. Arriving in Leticia the first impression for many of our customers is the politeness and cordiality of the local people. This helps make it an ideal base to use for our Amazon rain forest tours around the high Amazon.

Whilst the emphasis most definitely is on the wildlife experience, we try to balance this with an interesting cultural experience that makes for a great holiday.

Following the first day, during which one can settle into the pace of life and become familiar with the town, we travel upstream on the awesome Amazon. We visit a small Indigenous Amazon village and the Isle of the Monkeys on the way to the AMACAYACU parque where we go on an evening Caiman safari and view the animals of the canopy from a treetop platform.

We visit the idyllic village of Puerto Narino and encounter Pink River Dolphins at Tarapoto Lagoon before returning to Leticia.

The Amazon rain forest begins only 2 km from the centre of Leticia, this enables us to travel by road to a number of locations from where we can explore the deep forest. Our local Indigenous guides take us through the forest to visit special sites including villages, Molocas (Longhouses) and forest giants with huge buttresses, explaining some of the secrets of the rain forest along the way.

On day 7 we move onto the Yavari River.

The Yavari (pronounced Jav-a-ree) river is over 500 miles long and for much of its length, forms the border between Brazil and Peru. Yavari is renowned for its wildlife. We travel about 60 km upstream from Leticia by boat to visit Zacambu which is a protected area of some 293,500 hectares, where the diversity of fauna and flora (includes over 30% of the bird species present in the Amazon and over 150 species of mammals including large populations of river otters and very rare Red Uakari Monkey) is unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

On our return to Leticia we go into the back deep into the rain forest for a butterfly safari where we can expect to see many species including the Giant Blue Morphos. One of many lasting memories (and hopefully photos) to take back home.

You will appreciate that there is so much to see and do in this part of the Amazon, with so few tourists and a real ambience and warmth from local people. Why not let us introduce you to a whole new world and join us on one of our next Amazon rain forest tours of Leticia and the Yavari River.

Day 1 Travel To Bogota

Arrive in Bogotà at approx. 4-6pm

Transfer and Check in to the hotel.

Group * Dinner *

Day 2 Travel To Leticia

Breakfast in the Hotel

Transfer to the Airport

10-11am Flight to Leticia.

Arrive in Leticia 12-1pm

Transfer to Hotel for lunch and check in.

Informal pool side orientation meeting to welcome visitors to Leticia and discuss forthcoming activities and tours.

Free time in Leticia

Optional tour around central Leticia on foot.

Group * Dinner * at local restaurant.

Check Into The Hotel In Leticia
spend the first night of your amazon rain forest tour in this hotel

Day 3 Leticia And Amacayacu

Breakfast at the Hotel in Leticia.

Visit to an indigenous Indian community by boat.

Move on to Isla de los Micos. An Island in the Amazon River where we can see many

Capuchine monkeys.

Lunch on board boat.

Journey to the Amacayacu National Park. (Where we will be staying overnight)

* Dinner *
The Indigenous Bora Community
Meet The Indigenous Bora Community

Day 4 Amacayacu And Puerto Narino

Breakfast in the Parque Amacayacu.

Tour of the forest by foot including observation of the flora and fauna from platforms and a walkway high in the canopy.

(Exploring the park by canoe is possible, depending on water levels for those who would like to get really close up to the action!)

Leave for nearby town of Puerto Narino. Where we will be staying for the night.

* Lunch *

Free afternoon in Puerto Narino during which you can rest, explore the town or chat with your guides about the local sights customs and history.
* Dinner *

8-9pm Leave for night safari to view Caiman and other nocturnal animals. (Duration 1-2hrs)
Amacayacu Forest Reserve
Amacayu Forest Reserve

Day 5 Tarapoto Dolphins

Breakfast in Puerto Narino.

Visit the Lagoon at Tarapoto where we can
observe River dolphins at close quarters.

Return to Leticia


Afternoon free for R+R. Fishing and other activities can be arranged.

Dinner in Leticia.
Pink River Dolphins
Pink River dolphins

Day 6 Mallocca & Forest Walk

Breakfast in the hotel.

Visit to Leticia zoological park where we can see many animals but in particular Manatees.

Travel by road to KM7 from where we have a short walk to a Mollocca in the forest.

Guided walk through the forest to Km8.

* Lunch * at KM8 natural Lido with typical bars and restaurants.

Late afternoon return to Hotel in Leticia

* Dinner * at a restaurant in Tabatinga (Brazil).
Selva Walk
Selva Walk

Day 7 Zacambu

Breakfast at Hotel

Take boat from Leticia to Rio Yavari Zacambu

Fishing for piranhas and other fish.

Lunch on board boat.

Visit to natural lagoon to see the giant Victoria Regia water lilly.

Dinner in Zacambu (Included)

Night Tour to observe the SUNSET over the river and then look for nocturnal animals of Zacambu including Caiman and Monkeys.

Accommodation in Zacambu (Hammocks)
Sunset On The Irriri River
Sunset on the Irriri River

Day 8 Benjamin Constant & The Amazon River

Breakfast in Zacambu

Visit to the small river town of Benjamin Constant in Brazil.

* Lunch * in Benjamin constant.

Return to Leticia.

* Dinner *
A Lodge In Zacumbo

Day 9 Butterflies

Breakfast at the hotel

Journey by road 11km.

Visit to observation platforms in the canopy.
Walk through the forest to observe butterflies including the elusive giant blue Morphos.

Visit to the working indigenous community of Tacana.

Return to Leticia ##

* Dinner *

(## Limited overnight stays and tours of the deep forest are possible from Tacana. Accommodation is basic lodge style or with local families.)
A Collection Of Amazon Butterflies

Day 10 Breakfast & Shopping

Day free for shopping for souvenirs or various individual activities can be arranged. Guides will be available to advise or accompany persons as required.

Group farewell * dinner * in LETICIA.

Day 11

Breakfast in Hotel.

Transfer to Airport

Flight to Bogota

Connection to International flights

Meals marked with * * are not included in the price.

Some other acclivities you might like to try during our Amazon rain forest tour of Leticia.

  • Hire a motorbike for an hour or so. (Bring your driving licence)
  • Try your hand at Salsa, Vallenato, Merengue, Champeta at one of the numerous bars restaurants and clubs.
  • Serious angling for Arapaima up to 3 meters long, catfish or Pacu.
  • Visit a Shaman.
  • Visit a herbalist to see the vast array of medicinal forest products.
  • Visit the museum in Leticia.

Cost £1350* including Hotel board and breakfast.

*NB. Based on double occupancy.

Single supplement £25 per night.

If you would like to join us on one of our Amazon rain forest tours of Leticia and Yavari River call us now on + 57 311 535 8508 or Email Us  for further information

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