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  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewingEscorted Amazon Tour of Iquitos and Pacaya Samiria 238K

    This 12 day escorted amazon tour takes best advantage of the location of the town of Iquitos to bring a balance of fantastic Eco-watching experiences with the comfort and accessibility of good accommodation with excellent transport links. This is an escorted Amazon tour that will suit travellers interested in the ecological side of the Amazon rain forest and will be great fun too.

  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewingAmazon Rain Forest Tour of Leticia & Yavari River PDF Brochure 250k

    Join us on one of our rain forest tours in Leticia and the Yavari river. Arriving in Leticia the first impression for many of our customers is the politeness and cordiality of the local people. This helps make it an ideal base to use for our Amazon rain forest tours around the high Amazon.

  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewingAmazon Tours of Iquitos & Three Rivers PDF Brochure 207k

    One of our first Amazon tours and still our most popular, encompasses the vitality of Iquitos. This Amazon tour is based around a fully equipped hotel at the heart of the town which has quick and easy access to some of the best river and rainforest wilderness sites in the high Amazon.

  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewingAmazon Jungle Tours of Iquitos and Leticia PDF Brochure 196k

    All are welcome on our two centre 14 day escorted Amazon jungle tours of the high Amazon. From Iquitos you will journey the Nanay, Amazon, Ucayali and Maranon rivers, natural lagoons and get amongst the forest giants walking through rain forest. With beaches at hand for relaxation and comfortable hotels and lodges at the end of each day, our Amazon jungle tours allow you to take in the wonders of the rainforest and the rivers at a pace that suits you.

  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewingAmazon River Tour Xingu & Iriri PDF Brochure 249k

    On the Amazon river tour of Xingu & the Irriri we take adventures up a gear. For those adventurers who can do without the comfort of an air conditioned hotel for a couple of nights and are prepared for an exhilarating ride by fast canoe through the meandering shallows and rapids on our Amazon river tour, the rewards are tremendous.

  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewing Amazon Tour Puerto Narino & Amacayacu PDF Brochure 198k

    We take a leisurely journey out of Leticia heading upstream on the main Amazon River. To the second town on the Colombian Amazon, Puerto Nariño is a small, friendly and attractive town, with its tree lined footpaths and very tranquil since there are no Cars or Motokars (Motorbike rickshaws)!

  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewing Amazon Tour Zacambu , Atalaya and the Matis PDF Brochure 166k

    NEW For 2007 we explore the Yavari valley, travelling as far as Atalaya. On the way we stop at Zacambu and share a few days with Matis tribesman who will give us an insight into both their culture and there knowledge of the forest. A rare oportunity to engage real people from another world.

  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewing Amazon Tour of the Rio Solimoes, Jantaituba and Sao Paolo do Olivencia PDF Brochure 256k

    We set off cruising down the Amazon Solimoes in the comfort of a Brasilian river boat. Arriving the following day in the small town of Sao Paolo. From there we explore the Solimoes and the unforgetable Jantaituba channel that links the Solimoes with the Yavari at high waters.

  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewing Amazon River Luxury Cruises with Dawn on the Amazon 111 PDF Brochure 90k

    Take in the beauty of the Nanay or Napo river Valleys from the comfort of the luxury river boat. Close up and eye level with the trees from the sundeck. Stoping at different locations every day with trips into the forest on foot and by motor boat. Surely the most comfortable way of seeing all the Amazon has to offer.

  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewing Amazon River Fishing Adventure with Sid Boulter PDF Brochure 160k

    Exclusive 10 day fishing trips based in Leticia. Fishing waters virtually untouched by sportfishermen/anglers, after monster cat fish and stingrays, arapaima, peacock bass and a host of other game fish.

  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewing Luxury Fishing Cruises with Bill Grimes and Phil Jones PDF Brochure 200k

    10 day trip including 6 day fishing cruise out of Iquitos with Bill Grimes in search of peacock bass and Phil Jones applying the art of fly fishing to the fish of the Amazon

  • Download a PDF Brochure for offline viewing Amazon tours and expeditions for aquarists, lepidopterists and other wildlife enthusiasts PDF Brochure 235k

    For enthusiast aquarists and Lepidopterists (Butterfly fanciers), these specialist trips from Leticia exploring new territories never or rarely collected by commercial collectors. We undertake only two tours annually so places are very limited

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