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Iquitos and Leticia

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Amazon Jungle Tours of Iquitos and Leticia

All are welcome on our two centre 14 day escorted Amazon jungle tours of the high Amazon. From Iquitos you will journey the Nanay, Amazon, Ucayali and Maranon rivers, natural lagoons and get amongst the forest giants walking through rain forest. With beaches at hand for relaxation and comfortable hotels and lodges at the end of each day, our Amazon jungle tours allow you to take in the wonders of the rainforest and the rivers at a pace that suits you.

After 5 days we move on to Leticia a small border town from where we can journey to the remote and unspoilt Amacayacu and the pristine Zacambu Riverine forest park.

As you travel out of Leticia the jungle starts only about 2 km from the centre, this makes access to the rain forest very easy. We take a trip to an observation platform and spend a day in the forest particularly rich in beautiful butterflies. We visit a Maloca and we also visit working indigenous communities.

Stay overnight in the jungle if you wish.

South America is famous for its vibrant culture, and the people are well known for being very friendly and welcoming. Enjoy the hospitality and if you are the outgoing type try dancing the Merengue, Salsa, Lambada or Mambo!

Join us for one of our 14 day Amazon Jungle tours of Iquitos and Leticia leaving regularly February to November.

Amazon Jungle Tours of Iquitos and Leticia PDF Brochure 196k

Day 1 Flight to Lima

Arrive in Lima

Transfer to the hotel in Miraflores, Lima

* Dinner * in Miraflores

Check into a hotel in Lima

Take time to collect your thoughts and enjoy a quiet drink by the pool.
Check Into A Lima Hotel
Lima Hotel Lobby

Day 2 Journey to Iquitos


Transfer to Airport

Flight from Lima to Iquitos.

Check into a hotel in Iquitos

* Lunch * in Iquitos.

Informal orientation meeting to welcome visitors to IQUITOS and discuss forthcoming activities and tours

Dinner at 'La characata' a restaurant serving typical local food.

Visit to 'El boulevar' where bars and restaurants look out over the river.

Dancing till late!
Iquitos Central Square
Iquitos Central Square

Day 3 Nanay Confluence

Breakfast in the hotel.

Leave for Bellavista Nanay 9.30 am.

Visit by boat to various sites (Rio nanay, Rio amazonas, lakes), to observe the flora and fauna and do a little fishing.

Lunch on board boat

Return to the hotel 5:00 PM.

Dinner at a restaurant on the Boulevar.
Fishermen On Nanay Beach
Fishermen On Nanay Beach

Day 4 Quistococha

Breakfast in the hotel
Leave for Quistococha 9.30 am.

Quistococha is a Natural lagoon that contains many species of fish, you can walk or take a canoe to explore the jungle edge around the lake. You can fish or alternatively you can relax and take in some sun and there is a good beach with amenities and safe swimming.

* Lunch * at Quistococha.

Leave for Zungarococha Jungle lodge.

* Dinner * in Zungarococha*
Quistococha Lagoon
Quistococha Lagoon

Day 5 Zungarococha

Breakfast at Zungarococha

Guided walk through the forest. Close encounters with the incredible forest giants, birds, plants and animals of the rainforest.

Visit to the small village of Santo Tomas

* Lunch * in Santo Tomas

Return to the Hotel in Iquitos.

* Dinner *.
Amazon River

Day 6 Journey To Leticia

Breakfast at the hotel in Iquitos

Transfer to the airport.

Light * lunch *

Direct flight to Leticia (about 40 mins)

Arrive in Leticia

Transfer to Hotel in Leticia

Welcome to Leticia meeting

* Dinner * in Leticia.
Check Into The Hotel In Leticia
Hotel in Leticia

Day 7 Leticia & Amacayu

Breakfast in the hotel in Leticia

Go up river by boat to visit an Indigenous Indian Community

Continue on to the Isla de los Micos (Island of the Monkeys) situated on the

Rio Amazon, where we can observe squirrel monkeys.

Lunch on board boat

Arrive at the Amacayacu forest reserve (sleeping for one night)

* Dinner *
Leave at 8-9 pm to view nocturnal caiman and other nocturnal animals (duration 1 to 2 hours)
Amacayu Forest Reserve

Day 8 Puerto Narino

Breakfast in Amacayacu.

Visit to Tapoto lagoons, where we can observe both pink and grey dolphins.

Lunch in Puerto Narino.

Return to Leticia

* Dinner *
Pink River Dolphins
Pink River Dolphins

Day 9 Maloca & Selva Walk

Breakfast in the hotel in Leticia

Visit the zoo in Letica donde we can see many of the animals of the Region but especially the Manati which are extremely rare in the wild.

Journey by road 7 km where after a short walk we can visit a Maloca (Indigenous Longhouse).

Guided walk through the amazon jungle to Km 8.

Lunch at the natural lagoon at Km 8 where there are restaurants and typical bars with lots of dancing and also swimming possible.

In the evening return to the Hotel
* Dinner * at a restaurant in Tabatinga (Brasil).
Guided Selva Walk
Selva Walk

Day 10 Zacambu

Breakfast in the hotel

Embark by boat in Leticia for Zacambu on the Rio Yavari which forms the border between Brasil and Peru ( approx. 1.5 hours)

Fishing for Piranha, Pacu , Arowana and other species

Lunch on board boat.

Visit to a natural lagoon to view wildlife and see giant Victoria Regia lilies.

Dinner (Included)

Night visit to view the fantastic sunsets over the river and then look for caiman, monkeys and other animals.

Over night in Zacambu (hammocks).
An Amazonian With Papa Panaque
Amazonian Man With Papa Panaque

Day 11 Return To Leticia

Breakfast in Zacambu

Visit to Benjamin Constanta small Brazilian town in the Rio Amazonas.

* Lunch * in Benjamin Constant

Return to Leticia

Map Of The Amazon Region

Day12 Butterflies

Breakfast in the hotel in Leticia
Go by road approx. 11km (about half an hour) to visit an observation platform to view the flora and fauna high up in the canopy

Walk through the forest to observe the butterflies including the elusive Giant Blue Morphos. Visit to the Indigenous community of Tacana and a Butterfly farm deep in the Selva.

## (Tours of the very deep jungle and sleeping overnight in the Jungle are possible from here, numbers are however limited and accommodation is with local Indian families and very rustic. A great experience for the adventurous).

Return to Leticia.

* Dinner *.
Dido Butterfly (Tacana)

DAY 13

Breakfast in hotel

Free day to undertake different activities of personal interest.

Guides available to advise or accompany visitors as required.

Final Group * Dinner * in Leticia.

DAY 14


Transfer to the airport.

Flight to Bogota

Connection to your international flight

Arrive UK.

Cost £1300# including Hotel board and breakfast. #NB. Based on double occupancy.

Meals marked with * * are not included in the price.

Single supplement £25 per night.

Stopover accommodation and meals in Bonaire are not included.

Bonaire Stopover - Please ask for details.

If you would like to join us on one of our Amazon jungle tours of Iquitos & Leticia call us now on

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