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Our Head Guides

Our amazon guides have a wide range of experience and include local people plus enthusiasts from the UK


Guide Steve McAlear (Peru) Steve McAlear

Originally from Solihull in the UK Steve has been visiting and working the Amazon basin for many years. Now based in Leticia/Tabatinga he has previously worked in Iquitos. Steve has a good knowledge of the selva and wildlife of the region in particular the butterflies and fish.

When not accompanying our tours to Leticia, Iquitos or Altamira you will find him fishing the rivers and lakes around Leticia.


Originally from Puerto Santander in Araracuara, Colombian Amazonia. Elena has lived in Leticia for many years. She is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Elena is of Bora Indian extract and has a working knowledge of Bora languages including Miraña. She also holds guide certificates permitting her to take tours into the deep selva in Colombia. Elena has worked out of Iquitos for 4 years and has extensive knowledge of the area.

Guide Elena Leal (Leticia)

Guide Regina Negeteye (Tacana) REGINA NEGETEYE

REGINA is our forest coordinator for Leticia /Tabatinga. She is Marana Indian originating in Araracuara and now lives in the Tacana community in the forest near to Letcia.

She is fluent in Spanish, Miraña, Huitoto and various other indigenous languages. Regina has a passion for dancing and Saturday nights you will find find her either in a Malloca doing traditional dances or in Leticia dancing to Forro or Salsa.

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