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Butterfly Safari a tour for Lepidopterists

Amazon Rain Forest tour Itinerary

Amazon Butterfly Safari a tour for Lepidopterists.

Anyone who has an interest in nature cant help than be in awe at the sights and sounds that await them in the rainforest. For those who have a keener interest, devotees of particular tropical animals or plants, the amazon is a ‘must go’ location, almost a pilgrimage, to see the animals in there natural environment. Amazon holidays have many years of experience (since 1999) organising expeditions for aquarists and we are now pleased to offer similar expeditions for butterfly enthusiasts. Our expeditions are always well researched, including new areas not collected by commercial collectors, so the chances of encountering new species or lost or ‘forgotten’ species are good. Leading the expeditions we have specialist bilingual guides who have an extensive knowledge of the species, variety and habitats. Local Indigenous Indians who bring the invaluable knowledge of every corner of the forest aid them in finding the hidden treasures of the forest.
The collecting of wild animals and plants in Amazonas is, as you might imagine, strictly controlled, collecting and attempting to leave without the correct permissions is a serious offence that carries heavy fines. However everything we do is legal and perhaps as important, ethically justified in practise and in its objectives to promote a long-term sustainable income for rainforest families (see our policy on responsible eco-tourism).
We make sure that our enthusiast tours are a holiday to remember and not an expedition to endure. Plenty of chances to relax and enjoy all the facets of an amazon holiday. Clients are invariably pleasantly surprised at the standard of comfort in the 3 and 4* hotels that we use, even more surprised at the availability of familiar foods even in the forest lodges and Albergue. Tours bring together enthusiasts, people with plenty in common, there is always plenty to talk about at the end of each day. We recognise that each group has members with different aspirations and different physical abilities, don’t worry if you are not sure how you would cope with Jungle excursions or any aspect of our itineraries. Enthusiast expeditions are flexible. Activities are paced to the individual ability and we will always provide options for those who don’t feel comfortable with any particular activity, for whatever reason.
Amazonas is full of exciting experiences, every walk into the forest or trip down a Great River will bring encounters, sights and sounds for all nature lovers to remember, not just for butterfly fanatics. For this reason many clients have found they can bring there spouses or older children who don’t have the same intense interest but can share in the experience and make a family holiday to remember.

Day 1 Arrival in South America

Arrive in Bogotà at approx. 4-6pm

Transfer and Check in to the hotel.

Group * Dinner *

Day 2 Travel To Leticia

Breakfast in the Hotel

Transfer to the Airport

10-11am Flight to Leticia.

Arrive in Leticia 12-1pm

Transfer to Hotel for lunch and check in.

Informal orientation meeting to welcome visitors to Leticia and discuss forthcoming activities and tours.

Watch the sunset from ?La Fera? where bars and restaurants look out over the river and the rain forest beyond..

Group * Dinner * at local restaurant.

Amazon River from Tabatinga.
The Amazon River from Tabatinga

Day 3-5 Forests of Tacana

Breakfast at your hotel.
Transfer to Albergue Tacana your base for the next 3 days

Walks and expeditions to the rivers and forests around Tacana Community with Miraña and Huitoto Indian guides.
Over 350 species of butterflies are rcorded from the forests around Leticia.Tacana is largely unrecorded.

. Tacana has tremendous diversity of butterflies, amongst the indigenous local people it is well known for the abundance of morphos, we have noted four species including Menelaus. There are Caligos, Agrias, Catanophele, many Papilios and a host of Heliconius. Take a look at our butterfly photo gallery if you are not familiar with the names.
Morpho from Tacana
Morpho type 1 Tacana

Day 6 Journey to Zacambu

Breakfast in Tacana
Transfer to Tabatinga

Embark canoe ‘El Motoro’ to Benjamin Constant at the mouth of the Yavari River.

* Lunch * and last chance for essential supplies before we move on up the Yavari.

Travel upstream from Benjamin Constant approx. 2 hrs in motor canoe to Zacambu lodge, our base for the next three days. Lookout for Pink dolphins and leaping Salton catfish along the way.
Dinner in Zacambu.
Motor Canoe "El Motoro"

Day 7-8 Zacambu Reserve

Based from the lodge we spend the next two days exploring the Zacambu reserve, a complex of oxbow lakes and flooded forest alongside the Yavari River a major river of the region, hence we find many biotopes that contrast sharply with those found at Tacana. Zacambu is uncharted territory for butterfly collectors has an abundance of wildlife and is renowned for its biodiversity. There is an abundance of butterfly species with particularly interesting riverine species, many regional colour morphs and undoubtedly new species. Zacambu is a particularly good location for night flying butterflies and moths and we will have available portable mercury lamp collecting equipment to further investigate interesting spots.

Matis will show how they make jewellery, crafts and useful artefacts from plants and materials from the forest and river

Return to Zacambu

Dinner at Zacambu.
Catanophele at Zacambu
Photo opportunities

Day 9 Return to Leticia

Breakfast at Zacambu

10 am Embark ‘El Motoro’ downstream to small town of Islandia.

* Lunch * in Islandia or Benjamin Constant.

Embark ‘El Motoro’ for Leticia/Tabatinga.

Transfer to your hotel in Leticia.
Farewell * Dinner * in Tabatinga.

Hearty breakfast at Zacambu lodge
Hearty breakfast

Day 10 Farewell Leticia

Breakfast at the hotel in Leticia.
Morning free for last minute shopping in Leticia.

Early * Lunch * in Leticia.
Transfer to the Airport.

Flight to Bogota
Connect to your international flight

Meals marked with * * are not included in the price.

Some other activities you might like to try during our Amazon rain forest tour.

  • Hire a motorbike for an hour or so. (Bring your driving licence)
  • Try your hand at Salsa, Vallenato, Merengue, Champeta at one of the numerous bars restaurants and clubs.
  • Serious angling for Arapaima up to 3 meters long, catfish or Pacu.
  • Visit a Shaman.
  • Visit a herbalist to see the vast array of medicinal forest products.
  • Visit the museum in Leticia.

Cost £1200* including Hotel board and breakfast.

*NB. Based on double occupancy.

Single supplement £25 per night.

If you would like to join us on one of our Amazon Butterfly Safari tours , from the UK call us on +44 (0) 7921 040889 or COLOMBIA +57 313 313 1106 or Email Us  for further information

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