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Albergue Tacana
Forest Guest House

You will find a warm welcome and a chance to experience life in a working indigenous community. at our jungle guest house in the forest 30 minutes from Leticia. Located the heart of the indigenous community of TACANA part of the TIKUNA HUITOTO reserve KM6.

Albergue Tacana
Albergue Tacana is an indigenous style family house set in 2 hectares of land planted with fruit trees and plants local to the area.

Familiar fruits such pineapples, bananas, limes ,lemons,mangos and starfruit are grown but also more exotic forest fruits including uva, guama,guava,chontadura,umari,caimo, maranon ,cocoa, coca and other favourites of the forest people.

Roberto our scarlet macaw
Paco our blue and gold macaw
Two of the most popular residents at Tacana are Paco and Roberto, hand tame Macaws who live in a large tree alongside the house roam freely about the whole finca(site).They are joined frequently by wild macaws with whom they socialise (noisily! at times). Other regular visitors to the house include large blue morpho butterflies, three species of hummingbird, giant woodpeckers, eagles, Toucanetes and large flocks of small parrots known locally as pibichos.

The pace of life is very tranquil at Tacana, so wether you need a retreat or a base from where to explore the selva you will be at your ease. At Albergue Tacana you will find:

- Comfortable rooms, built in a traditional style with ensuite bathrooms.

- Mains Electricity

- English spoken

- Chance to try genuine indigenous foods prepared locally(western style food also available)

- Genuine working Malloca nearby (20 mins walk)

- Forest walks and night safari with Bora mirana guides

- Good local fishing

- Close to Tanimboca Dosel Canopy tours.

Ensuite Bathrooms at Albergue Tacana

Tacana is a key location for many of our Amazon river and rain forest tours, you are also welcome as an independent traveller we have ensuite rooms as well as economy accommodation and basic hammock rooms available. We also have short excursion packages and specialist or bespoke tours. If you are visiting Leticia for a unique experience in the heart of the forest make Albergue Tacana your home in the jungle. Call us on + 57 535 8508 or Email Us  for further information.

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